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What are some good skateboards for child beginners?

What are some good skateboards for child beginners

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At an era when there are too many choices available for one product, you could find yourself at a loss every time going shopping. Buying a skateboard for your kids is nothing different. From a local shop to large department stores, you are overwhelmed by recommendations. But which is exactly the best? I hope this post will give you some helpful information when making the purchase.

How To Choose The Best Skateboard For Your Precious Child?

How old is the child?

the best skateboard for your precious child
the best skateboard for your precious child

General speaking, a child can get acquainted with rolling and skating when they start to walk. In fact, the younger they have fun with it, the faster they master the movements. Between the ages of 3 and 5, children could learn basics motions like pushing and balancing. As they get older, they will feel the urge to upgrade the game too complicated turns and tricks.

If your child is younger and 5 years old, you should consider a complete skateboard with no grip tape. Actually, the first things your kid learn will be sitting on the board and making it down the hill. Griptape will make holes in his pants. If your loved child insists on having the grip taped one, you could solve the problem by putting an old towel on it.

Where will your child skate?

Just so you know, there are two types of skateboards: longboards or skateboards. Mini cruisers and cruisers, counted as longboards, are preferred owing to their soft and easy to roll wheels. This feature makes them easier to learn and skate on uneven ground like bike paths or driveways. So if your kid loves skating on roads or footpaths, you may consider buying him/her a mini cruiser.

The classic skateboards, on the other hand, are more suitable for skate parks. If your children want to have fun in a park or bowl, you should find him/her a double kick between 7.75 and 8 inches. The wider the board is, the easier it is to catch with your kid’s feet when flipping.

Top 4 Best Beginner Skateboard For Kids

1. Skitch Premium Skateboard

Skitch Premium Skateboard
Skitch Premium Skateboard


  • Compact and light-weight
  • Anti-slippery patterns on the plastic deck
  • Amazing tool and accessories
  • Smooth 85A SHR wheels
  • High-flex 82A bushings enable better bouncing experience


  • Limited in color choice
  • Can be too fast due to ABEC-9 bearings

This is one of the best-seller skateboards last year. This model attracts your child’s eyes, at first sight, owing to the smart design and color scheme. The deck is both flexible and stable so your child could do any kind of maneuvers.

The truck is made of aluminum and created with a small size, so the overall weight of the skateboard is quite light, making it easier to carry. Besides, Skitch Premium Skateboard comes with riser pads, which improves turning movements and absorbs the extra impact.

The Skitch brand has a great reputation in the field so you could rest assure somehow about the quality of the product. In fact, the latest designs from the producer are smarter and more professional.

2. RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard

RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard
RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard


  • Compact and light-weight
  • Quick response and great control
  • Anti-slippery function
  • Big and smooth PU wheels enable beginner tricks
  • Huge skin design collection
  • Could support up to 198 lbs


  • Has a fairly cheap looks

What I like most about this model are the smart look and the plastic desk. Some people may regard it as cheap-looking, but I think it is luring enough for children, and the material really boosts quick response to impacts. Your children will get acquainted with controlling the now board quickly with less energy and efforts. Besides, the plastic desk will not be damaged in a wet environment.

Furthermore, this modal also comes with anti-slippery patterns to prevent any accidents. When we are talking about children, safety should be of the top priority. Additionally, this one could withstand any child’s weight, owing to the incredible stability.

3. Chrome Wheels 31-inch Skateboard Complete Longboard Double Kick Skateboard

Longboard Double Kick Skateboard
Longboard Double Kick Skateboard


  • Sturdy wooden deck
  • Creative design presenting a tough look
  • Double kick concave design promotes easy control
  • Chrome wheels feature anti-shock
  • Heavy duty aluminum truck
  • Multifunctional


  • Too big for small kids to carry
  • No cute design for girls

When your kid reaches 8 years old, he/she may want to skateboard to school. At this time, this model is an ideal choice. With 8 layers of maple wood, the one provides enough durability and reliability. The desk also comes with powerful grip tape, enhancing your kid’s safety.

Additionally, this board is equipped with heavy-duty thick aluminum trucks. The feature is great at supporting your child’s balance. The chrome wheels, which are actually 50 mm anti-shock PU, contribute significantly to the smooth cruising experience.

When talking about the model, I couldn’t forget to mention the creative design resembling street art. It is suitable for boys and girls with a strong character.

4. Penny Nickel 27″ Complete Skateboard

Penny Nickel 27″ Complete Skateboard
Penny Nickel 27″ Complete Skateboard


  • Great response to impacts
  • Flexible plastic deck
  • Wide choice range of gorgeous designs
  • Easy control
  • Smooth cruising experience


  • Not useful for advanced level
  • Cheap plastic look

This Penny Nickel model offers us about 6 themed skins. We all know that the design, especially color schemes are significant for children in making a decision. With the size of 27×6 inches, the board is neither too big nor too small. Therefore, it could become a companion for your child along the way of growing up.

Considering safety, you will be thankful to know that the deck is excellently anti-slippery. In addition, the plastic wheels, which are big and soft, work smoothly on most terrains. The truck and bushing are brilliant enough to give solid landing over gaps and ramps. Another plus of this model is the stainless steel ABEC 7 bearings, which provide reliable support and maintain a standard speed.

Final Thought

That’s all about good skateboards for beginner children I would like to share today. Hope you have found something helpful for the next shopping trip. Just remember that since they are children, the most important feature a decent skateboard must have is safety guarantee. Although the design is also crucial, don’t make compromises when it comes to risks.