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Are Rimable skateboards good for beginners?

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To start skateboarding, it’s important to get yourself quality skateboards that could deliver solid performances. Hence, you can practice skateboarding more comfortably and learn it more quickly.

However, with lots of different skateboarding brands on the market, it’s nearly impossible for beginners to select the right ones without any proper knowledge.

That being said, to give you a good start at studying skateboarding, we’ll be discussing some of the most popular skateboard brands and the factors to consider when choosing good skateboards for beginners. Judging on that, you can decide on your own whether you would like to purchase their boards.

In this post, we’ll go through Rimable skateboards and introduce one of the best skateboards for beginners. Hope you’ll find it useful.

About Rimable Skateboards

Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when skateboarding
Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when skateboarding

The famous skateboard company is based in China and has a wide range of different products, including skateboards, longboards, scooters, and so on. With their production line targeted on the skateboard lineup, Rimable continually releases new skateboard models to the market each year and has received many positive feedbacks from skateboarders.

You can find almost every type of skateboard on Rimable’s collection. This allows Rimable skateboards to engage with skateboarders of all background. They even come as far as producing the Penny alternatives which feature the same elements as the famous Penny board, while having relatively less expensive prices.

As a result, Rimable skateboards are always popular with the beginners, thanks to their decent quality and relatively good prices.

Choosing Good Rimable Skateboards For Beginners

Who are the world's best skateboarders
Who are the world’s best skateboarders

Here you’ll find everything you need to know regarding skateboards for beginners.


For most of the time, people come to skateboarding so that they could learn to perform cool tricks and techniques that are almost impossible of other kinds of personal transportation. Even with longboards, you won’t be able to pull off the amazing over-the-air tricks like a skateboard.

Which is why you must pay attention when choosing the right deck for your skateboard. A deck that is too wide would make doing tricks almost impossible, while the one that is too narrow would reduce your stability.

Having the perfect width would ensure comfortable rides and good responsiveness when doing tricks. In additions, your deck should come with good flex so that it can bend when needed.

Grip tape

Unlike with longboarding where the grip tape is not as important, with skateboarding, you would want to put on the stickiest grip tape on your boards. This ensures that they would stick to your feet even when you’re flying with them.

In additions, strong grip tape also allows for better controls over the boards as it enhances the responsiveness of your skateboard.


The Wheels
The Wheels

The two things that you need to remember when it comes to skateboard wheels are the durometer and diameter, which can be translated into hardness and sizes. For skateboard wheels, it’s always important for them to have good responsiveness and lightweight.

Hence, your wheels must have decent hardness so that it can easily pop on the air, plus, hard wheels would help you deal with the small pebbles and rocks on the streets.

As for the sizes, skateboard wheels must be small in both thickness and perimeter. Small wheels enhance the stability and also reduce the total weight of your skateboard, making it lighter for flying tricks.


Unlike with longboarding where the bearing’s ABEC ratings are quite important. Since you won’t likely to travel at an extreme speed with your Rimable skateboards, having bearings with low ABEC ratings won’t matter too much.

That being said, you should be focusing on good lubricant when it comes to skateboard bearings, instead of the ABEC ratings.


To ensure your skateboard’s stability, it’s important for you to equip it with high-quality Aluminum trucks. In additions, the trucks should come with adjustable bushings so that you can choose the suitable level of responsiveness.

And last but not least, for those who love doing tricks, having wide trucks might not be a good idea. In facts, you’ll only need skateboard trucks that are slightly narrower or perfectly match with the width of your deck. This is because when you perform flipping tricks on your board, having wide trucks would make the wheels pop up, limiting your movements.

The Best Rimable Skateboard For Beginners

Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when skateboarding
Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when skateboarding

For those who’re looking for a quick suggestion, the RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard seems like a good board for beginners.

RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard

To start with, you’ll have access to tons of different color options which features different colors and designs. Hence, skateboard beginners will have an easy time finding suitable products depending on their styles.

In additions, as mentioned, the Rimable 22” Skateboard was made as a cheaper alternative for the famous Penny board. So it features pretty much the same traits. The extremely small size makes the board extremely portable, you can easily fit it on your backpack and ride the board anywhere with you.

The smooth Polyurethane wheels enable comfortable rides on flat terrains. Combined with the high-speed bearings, you can enjoy urban cruising on this Rimable skateboard at any time.

In additions, although it’s made of complete plastic, the deck is still relatively sturdy thanks to the reinforced materials. That being said, the board is capable of supporting weights up to 198 lbs. You will have no problem learning skateboarding on the board.

Another thing that might concern you is the lack of grip tape on this board. However, we find this extremely easy to deal with. If you want to do some tricks with the board, all you’ll have to do is add some grip tape on it. Just do it like on a regular skateboard and you’ll have a grippy surface on your Rimable skateboard.

And last but not least, since you’re still a beginner, having a complete skateboard delivered to you is always a must. Don’t try messing with the constructions of a skateboard if you haven’t gotten any experiences, or you’ll end up losing money and still don’t have a good skateboard.

That’s our opinions on whether you should choose Rimable skateboards for beginners. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.