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What size skateboard should a girl get?

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Skateboard Size Chart

Age: 5 or under

Kids this age who are less than 3’5” tall and wear shoe size 3 or less would fit micro skateboard decks that are 6.5″ – 6.75” wide and 27.2” – 27.6”. These are also great for beginners.

Age: 6-8

Kids who are as tall as 3’5” to 4’4” wearing shoe size 4-6 would be most comfortable riding boards that are 7.0″ to 8.0″ wide and 28” long. These are called mini skateboards.

Age: 9-12

In this age range, kids who are 4’5 to 5’2 tall with shoe size 7-8 can ride skateboards 7.5″ to 8.0″ wide and 29” long. Many call these the mid-sized skateboards.

Age: 13+

If you are over 13 and as tall as 5’3 or over, you can choose a skateboard that is 8.0″ and over in width and 29+ inches in length. This is the regular skateboard size.

Style Of Skating

Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when skateboarding
Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when skateboarding

Choosing the right skateboard size also comes down to personal preference. A question you should be asking yourself is: What would you like to do with the board?

Here are some very good pointers:

7.5 – 8”: this is the standard size for most skateboards. It’s great for street skating. You can also do technical tricks on boards in this width range. It’s great for riders with shoe size 11 or less.

8 – 8.75”: this is the average deck width for skating pools, vert ramps, or at the park. It gives you more stability. Thus, your landing will be easier.

9 – 10”: this is the size for most longboards. It’s the perfect deck width for cruising, commuting, or downhill racing. You’ll get the most foot room and the best stability out of the bunch.

If you or your daughter would like to do street skating or kick and flip tricks, a narrower deck will give you better control and responsiveness.

However, if you want to race fast and do vert/bowl skating, definitely choose a wider deck. This will give you much more stability when going really fast.

Wheel size

Wheel size is an important part of any skateboards that often gets overlooked by beginners. Yes, the size of the wheel does affect the overall performance of your ride.

That’s why getting the correct wheel size for your needs, weight, and height is also very important.

On the market right now, you’ll find skateboards wheel measured from 50 – 60+ mm. This is the diameter of the wheel.

Bigger wheels will be faster than smaller wheels. So, if you’re into longboarding, you should get bigger wheels.

If you like street skating and doing tricks, you can choose smaller wheels. They will allow you to do tricks and flips much easier and faster.

Truck size

Best Skateboard Trucks
Best Skateboard Trucks

Truck size does affect your skateboard performance as well. Longboard trucks are different from regular skateboard trucks.

In general, longboard trucks are lower than skateboard trucks. They do this to make sure you have the most stable experience when going at extreme speed. Longboard trucks, however, are not very great for doing tricks.

Also, skateboard trucks are usually narrower than longboards. This makes sense because skateboard decks are usually narrower than longboard ones. Skateboard trucks are best for doing tricks like 180 or grind.

If you buy a truck separately, remember to match the right size with the type of board you intend to buy,

We don’t usually advise using longboard and skateboard trucks interchangeably. Each is made for specific purposes. You may be at risk if you change the part and don’t understand the gearing well enough.

Helmet size

It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t show you how to choose the right helmet size to wear when skateboarding, right?

Choosing a helmet is much simpler than choosing a skateboard. The only measurement you need is your head circumference.

To measure that, you can use a measuring tape or a rope and then wrap it around the middle part of your head. That’s about 1 inch above your ears.

If you use a dimensionless rope, you can use an app on your smartphone like Measure to get a rough estimate of the circumference. Then, you’ll be able to choose the best size for you.

You should change your helmet around 1.5 years or so. If your kids grow bigger, it’s a good idea to get them a new helmet as well. Also, don’t use a crashed helmet because it may be dangerous for you.

Some suggestions

How to Slide on a Longboard
How to Slide on a Longboard

We have some last suggestions for getting the best skateboard size for you or your daughters. If there are any skate shops near your area, pay them a visit.

You can go there and try out various shapes and sizes. Because everyone is different, the size that works best for this rider may not work best for you.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get a feel of what it’s actually like being on and riding the board in real life.

You can switch it up occasionally if you like. For example, you can get a narrow board for street and a wide longboard for downhill racing.

See what works best for you and stick with that size. If you grow bigger, you can check out some other models to make sure you get the best support and board performance.


Alright, that’s all we have in store for you about choosing the best skateboard size for a girl. Remember, if you want to do tricks like kicking and flipping, a narrower board will be your best bet. If you want to race downhills at extreme speeds, choose a wider board that will give you much better stability. Hope that was helpful. See ya!